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The developers of Bahria Town are moving towards their next destination in the twin cities, this time in a prime location of Islamabad. After the tremendous success of Bahria Town in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi, the next stop is our Capital City, Islamabad. The people are sure they would not be disappointed this time either. The project is one of the smallest from Bahria Town developers, so it will get all the attention making it very successful and well organized in this domain.

Bahria Enclave Developers: :

The Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned Rawalpindi based real estate management company responsible for multiple posh real estate projects in the leading cities of Pakistan. They hand over the construction responsibilities to the Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd, the leading construction company in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, handling the projects of Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad. Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. has also launched its groundbreaking housing project in Islamabad named Capital Smart City.

Bahria Enclave Location :

It is located near Jinnah Avenue in Zone IV of Islamabad Capital Territory near Chak Shahzad, the Park Road & the Kuri Road. It is one of the most convenient and accessible locations of Islamabad exposing many ways to and from the Bahria Enclave.

The Phase-I of Bahria Enclave falls near Mouza Molat while the Phase-II is situated near Mouza Phulgraan.

Bahria Enclave Total Area :

Bahria Enclave is divided into two phases i.e., Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 is spread on 836 Kanal; Phase 2 is spread on an area of 1180 Kanal whereas the Agro Farming Scheme in Phase II covers an area of 2047 Kanal.

Bahria Enclave Features :


Following are a few salient features included in the society.

    • Restaurants
    • Parks & Zoo
    • Cine Gold Plex Cinema
    • Commercial Areas
    • International Standard School & Hospital
    • Great Jamiah Mosque
    • 100 feet wide roads, landscaped with Green Belts & Footpaths
    • Complete Gated Community
    • Underground Provision of Electricity, Gas, Water, telephone

Bahria Enclave Project Details :

Bahria Enclave Islamabad comprises of two phases known as Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 covers an area of nearly 836 Kanal with over 600 residential plots, and Phase 2 comprises of 400 residential plots covering 1180 Kanal of land.

The society has a total of 15 sectors along with their respective sub-sectors. They are named alphabetically from A to P. All of the sectors contain residential plots having options of 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots and 4, 5, 8 Marla commercial plots.

11 Marla Villas are also under construction and will be soon available for purchase in the housing venture. The management has taken the initiative to construct a model villa to showcase the true potential of the project. This model house is open for visitors so they can easily picture themselves living in the area.

Let us discuss the details of each block of this society in detail down below:

Block A:

Block A is the most expensive bock in the community due to the completion of its development. 100% development work in the block is completed with land possession granted to the plot. It is situated right at the entrance of Bahria Enclave and comprises of a variety of residential and commercial plots. The block provides its occupants with up-to-date civic and commercial facilities.

The work on ‘Cube’ A Luxury apartment building is also on-going in the project, and the possession of these apartments will be granted in 8 month time to the owners.

Con: The land in block A is, however, in depression and needs a lot of filling, which will increase the cost of construction on these plots.

Block B:

Sector B is fully developed with all amenities available. The possession is also handed over to the owners in this block. The only drawback in investing in this block is that a few 8, 10, and 1 Kanal plots are located lower than the road level, which will increase the construction cost.

Block C:

Sector C includes the Extension C-Kanal of the block. The sector details of this area are stated below:

 Extension C-Kanal

  • C-1: The development work in this block is almost completed with 90% of the job done, and plots are available with possession.
  • C-1 Extension: 80% of development work in this area is completed, and the rest of the work is on-going at a fast pace. Possession is given to the owners of the plots of this sector.
  • C-2: The development status in the block is approximately 70%, and possession is granted to limited plots.
  • C-3: 60% of development work is completed in this block.

Sector E:

Situated right next to Sector A of Bahria enclave, sector E is a fully developed sector, and possession is handed over to the plot owners. Although the sector provides modern amenities and quality development work but has still failed in attracting a lot of investors due to the location of the plots. Most plots available in this sector lie lower than the ground level, which is unfortunate and not suitable from an investment point of view.

Sector F and F-1:

The F and F-1 sectors are located at a distance on top of a hill and present an eloquent environment. The views surrounding these sectors are entirely mesmerizing and will provide for a beautiful residential area.

For the commercial plots in F block, the pace of development is rather slow due to rocky terrain. Development and possession are close to 90%. The prices for plots in Sector F-1 are lower due to lower than ground level, but 60% of the construction has completed and delivered.

Sector G:

G sector is nearly developed, the land is on the level and does not require any filling. 5 Marla plots and 8 Marla plots are fully designed and delivered to their owners.

Sector G also offers commercial plots, which present a golden investment opportunity.

Sector H:

Sector H is again a developed and delivered sector, a significant rise in the investment is observed in the commercial plots of this sector.

Sector I:

Sector I in Bahria Enclave faces depression issues and needs filling.  Possession of half the plots has been given in this sector.

Sector J:

J block is in demand due to its excellent location in the society, which ultimately attracted the buyers to invest in the area. Possession of the majority of plots is given to the owners. 10 Marla plots are fully developed while 8 Marla plots are still under construction.

Sector K:

The plots in Sector K have been allotted; the price for plots in this sector is higher than the other areas of this society. The possession of 10 Marla plots is pending even though the plots are fully developed while 1 Kanal plots are only partially developed, but the ownership is granted.

Sector L:

Sector L is still a developing sector, and the plots in this sector are not available on possession.

Sector M:

M sector is the most attractive sector due to the presence of Bahria Town City Center. The city center is the primary commercial project in society due to which demand is much higher in this area. 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are partially developed and given possession.

Sector N:

Sector N offers the most pleasant sceneries and views.  Is built on solid, fertile land and does not require any additional filling. 5 Marla plots in the sector are nearly developed, and possession is given to half the schemes. 8 Marla plots 40% developed and are available with possession.10 Marla plots are the least developed in this sector.

Sector O:

Sector O of Bahria Enclave is a non-developed sector.

Sector P:

The development activity in sector P is only 20%, and possession is not given yet.

Latest Development Status:

  • Although we have discussed the development status of all the sectors in the society in depth but let us talk overall performance of the community down below:

    The Bahria Enclave’s development is currently in process.

    • Earthwork is 70% completed
    • Services and utilities are 30% completed
    • The sewerage system is near 25% completion

    The new bookings are closed for now, but plots on resale are available.

    In the latest development news about the project, Bahria Enclave is to become the 6th Region in Pakistan to get Fiber Optics. The society has signed an agreement with PTCL per which PTCL will deploy fiber optic cables in Bahria Enclave within three months to provide high-speed internet. PTCL will also offer added services of Telephone connections, Smart TV and VOIP.

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