(Multi Professionals Co-operative Housing Society )

Panoramic view coupled with aesthetically designed land scape is a breath taking moment while visiting the sector. The foot of Margala Hills reflecting the beauty of nature on an elevated view of Islamabad is another edge. MPCHS has redefined this beauty of nature with professional expertise, visionary layout planning compatible to international standards. The inhabitants are enjoying most modern amenities with comfortable lifestyle.

Vision & Mission :

As a cooperative housing society established under the cooperative societies Act of 1925, MPCHS promotes real estate investment and the development of excellent housing projects, all while adhering to a “no profit-no-lose” philosophy. Members’ rights and interests are our primary concern. It gives buyers and sellers a place to do business openly and gain a solid reputation. Building projects that are in keeping with the newest trends and highest standards of town planning, engineering, architecture and construction is our goal. Engineers, municipal planners, and other project experts with extensive training and expertise are brought in to help with this.

MPCHS Site Location :

The Office of the Society was initially in a rental building situated in main Commercial Area of G-8 Markaz Islamabad. The Managing Committee while considering progressive inflationary trend took a visionary decision to purchase this is building. The building was upgraded from 4 to 5 stories with stat of the art renovation.

Objectives :

  • The principal objective of the society is to promote and safe guard the socio-economic interests of its members with special emphasis on:-

      • To acquire land, houses, buildings or other property of for the purpose carrying out objectives of the Society.

      • To prepare plans, establish and maintain residential colonies for its members.

      • To construct, manage and maintain works, services and other institutions of various kinds for the benefit and convenience of members residing in the colonies.

      • To work as an agent of members for the purpose of preparing plans, designing houses, buildings and parks.

      • To construct buildings for commercial use and for public welfare.

      • To lay down rules and regulations for proper use and maintenance of all buildings, roads and other facilities within the limits of the colony.

      • To do generally, all such things as may be useful or expedient to carry out one or all objectives of the Society.

    • To adopt measures designed to encourage the spirit of cooperation and friendship among members.

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